Good byes

Saying good byes to a group of seekers of the truth and value is intertwined with both inspiration and hope, as well as loss. For my students.

Michel Foucault has said: “I’m no prophet. My job is making windows where there were once walls”. This resonates with me on so many levels, but in a most obvious way, it is reflected in my aspirations as a teacher. Walls speak to those cemented frameworks of interpretation of the world – our beliefs, values, interests, modus operandi – that stand erect as if given, objective, sturdy, primordial. Once deconstructed, dethroned, handled with caring, yet reasonable suspicion, what was once a blockade can make way for a window of transparency wherefrom perspective moves beyond the walls of our incarcerating chambers. It is an adventure that can’t be journeyed alone, in isolation; and is best realized amongst young, striving minds. And for this I am always grateful to my students. Honestly, I will miss you all. It has been an enjoyable semester …for me at least. And though virtual teaching has its own secret niches and dangers, I can sadly only truly, viscerally, speak to those of you who allowed me to get to know you via your participation, and appearance on my screen. Via the negotiation of class material we have also had the opportunity to think about the learning process and its institutionalization (discussion of structures that organize communities, organizations business environments). We’ve also all be awakened (I hope!!) to the dialectical – give-and-take – structures of teaching, and with it, your role in designing a platform molded from our joint participation. And with that I hope to stir your more hedonic inclinations and the travesty of convenience that often accompanies these, and (re)consider actively joining your virtual classes come next semester!

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