Bogus Stoicism

The proliferation of ideas since the invention of the printer has aided the task of informing and moving people to action, but we are only now beginning to see the infectious dangers of bogus and hateful distortions of current affairs, philosophical ideas and the history of human understanding that the world-wide-web has brought.

There are thousands of websites on or related to Stoicism today, but not all are created equal. One in particular was brought to my attention by Pharos, (see Stoic School), which deploys Stoicism to insidiously moralize some of the most questionable views related to White Supremacy. My issue, Pharos’s issue, is not (at least not today) with White Supremacy per se, but with the exploitation, and distorted application of Stoic philosophy to support their agenda.

But you make up your own minds.

Here’s a link to Pharos’ post Stoic Philosophy Masking Hate

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  1. Thanks for pointing this out. These people are clearly pushing a dangerous far-right agenda. Their material is very wacky – their ‘history’ of Stoicism is laughable and obviously mostly fabricated, positioning the anonymous admin of their marginal website as the scholarch of the Stoic school, in unbroken continuity from 300 BC. Give me a break.

    Not to mention that Stoicism and far-right/white supremacist/fascist ideology are completely incompatible. The Stoics inherited the ethos of cosmopolitanism from the Cynics and were pioneers in seeing humanity as one big family undivided by nationhood or race. It is a fundamental Stoic doctrine.

    But trust the far right to try to use the impossible to advance their poison. They’ve even tried to use anarchism (see “””National Anarchism”””)!


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