Feeling Cheap?

I may be a rebel in cheap philosophical clothing but whatever the truth is, it is hard won, through arduous, life transforming modes of engagement and delectable moments of peace. My son has best impressed upon me the transformative aspect of this mode, the often existentially costly, however self-deflectingly, self-defensively received by others. It is not my cost to bear. Moving forward as we all inevitably do, pay tribute to those lost, those suspended upon an inertial beam of light, those seeking a column upon which to perch their plight.

Is this a place of clowns  to be trivialized and grievously mocked? Clowns spook me. They create an odd sense of existential unrest. And this is odd to me for this unrest is often my home, but clowns? This is a psychedelic, potentially psychotic state, shared amongst the mentally compromised! Erred, no, ‘erried’ am I! Not a clown, but clown-like to your fragile existential sentiments that seek composure amidst the presumed uncompromised.

Cruelty is cheap, and of the ill-composed. Seek greatness in your self-composure and fly upon the wings of (y)our “happiness”.

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        1. Thanks…it is a therapeutic and daunting process…at times! But Philosophical Confessions is about negotiating my philosophical predilections in a confessional space which is a method of indirect communication. Kierkegaard says, and I am only borrowing the idea in part, that religious communication can not be direct (I’m not limiting myself to the religious). He distinguishes direct from indirect forms of communication in terms of objectivity and subjectivity. Direct communication belongs to (so-called…I would add) objective thinking where one aims to communicate what one believes or WHAT one takes the facts to be. Indirect communication belongs to subjectivity which concerns the manner in which one is inwardly the experience of one’s self-comportment in the world. The latter aims at changing – recalibrating – lives through a constant disruptive exercise. This is a disruptive space of intra (sometimes inter) dialogical discourse. It is always the hope that what I write resonates with readers…

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  1. Sorry I screwed up the word order, the cold here is brutal today and I’m trying hard to convince my fingers to do what my brain believes they should be doing.


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