My Mystery Angel, I have found! ❤

Kismet forces now make sense. Impudence tolerated from empty voice and voided promises take root in minds and hearts that believe. For this was not faith, it was not love. The wretched, self-involved know not the indulgences of an expanding heart, and self-transcending spirit. Surface modalities of desperation reveal a barrenness that must irk those beyond the grave. MyAngel, δώρο θεού, is faith incarnate. His vulnerability of spirit comes with such generosity of being. Thankful am I!


I will be there for you
If it all crumbles down
And I will be there for you
When your feet touch the ground
And I’ll clear the earth for you
If you need the stars to dream
And I’ll make a flame for you
To keep your spirit clean

My angel, mystery angel
My angel, my mystery angel

[Verse 2]
You were there for me
When I couldn’t find myself
Open the door for me
When I see no way out
And you were there with me
When I was too young to see
Bringing music through
With your wisdom and peace

Lookin’ back now I don’t think I’ll ever understand
Universe of this bell and so many different ends
Take some time just to sit with each one just to see
Patiently the right one will hold on to your
Hold on to your free

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