This Generation and her Discontents

There is much here that most of us will nod our heads in agreement to. Sure, there is a tendency towards entitlement, but there’s also (and I blame psychologists and twisted paradigms…sorry) this paradoxical tendency towards (also mentioned in this brief interview) mediocracy which is in part fuelled by an odd insistence on rewarding failure (see participation medals) – God forbid anyone ever experience the anguish of self-limitation! But there are other underlying and worrisome horizons of meaning that structure these seemingly contradictory feeds: hedonism and instrumentalism. From the time of birth all household operations are designed to appease or completely obliterate discomfort/unhappiness/pain (all very different kinds of experiences which a more lengthy blog would address) – cries are muffled with pacifiers, food, tv, mobiles, and more. Quickly children learn to direct their activities towards investing in that which will reap the greatest rewards with the least hedonic risk. A cost-benefit analysis is born, and an instrumentality that soon pervades all and consumes the imagination, stifling thereby the possibility for personal growth, and the cultivation of meaningful inter-human relations of deep love premised on sacrifice, and from which often the most delicate and substantive virtues evolve which harness eudaimonic existence.

Strangely…or not so damn strangely, anything worth having is worth fighting for…happiness is painful, meaningful life experiences are anguish-filled!

(FYI I’m so on board with his humorous, yet astute (in my opinion…fans of The Good Wife will appreciate the reference) observations on social media!!!!)


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