Between Shock and Awe

Some preliminaries on Sartre …

Philosophical Confessions

cd9ecf493588ebbc4bf5d00d0423670cAs we muddle through life most of us become quite articulate about the primordial importance authentic inter-human relations play in our lives. Some speak of finding their “other half”, others of their “soulmate”, and yet others “of the love of their life”. Often when pressed to defend the implied metaphysics of such romantic linguistic gestures a cloud amasses. Is there really only one person in the entire world for each of us? One person, and one person alone was created for me?! My that is a romantic and touching sentiment! Just for me!? Is my soul irrevocably bound to another? Are we fated to indeed find eachother? Is it also inevitable that we shall stay together forever?

Cynics and data collectors (or maybe they’re the same people!!!) have it easy. Or maybe we just make it easy for them. All they have to do is point to the divorce rates, ended affairs…

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