The Deep Blue

CKerv22UYAA-w2UThere are people who live only for themselves – the self-indulgent – and there are people who live for others – the altruist. But mostly there are people that live with or alongside others. The altruist relates to everyone, feels life when others are given a life; but the self-indulgent are like horses wearing blinders; they plow through life feeling others only when they’re made to feel alive! The self-indulgent are a bit like a mirage, the oasis they spin out of their whirling winds are more imagined than real. There’s little air to breathe except when she exhales, and then watch out for those gales that would as soon throw you down, as they’d scatter ashes into the deep blue.

Finding that place alongside others is not a combative relation as Sartre might suggest – hell is other people – but a synchronic exercise in dance amongst the waves. Sometimes treacherous, sometimes calm, but always articulate and expensive.


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