Feeling perky

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Philosophical jigs

One of the perks about being a professor is feeling as though you’re starting a new job every year. (Sorry, another blog about work! September is less than a month away and I need to get excited about teaching … again.) I get butterflies each time. I walk into class just before or after Labor Day, thinking: what will this year’s group be like? Will they be dynamic? Belligerent? Apathetic? What new challenges await me? Etc. etc. There are some things that are recurrent, of course. Students who feel herculean at the beginning of term is just one heartwarming example. Remember what it was like: new utilities, new books, and new environment. What is positively endearing are those students who approach me the first week of class biting off way more than they can chew. “Sir” (yes, the dreaded address! I don’t mind it much, to be honest); “Sir, kindly…

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